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Auria Solutions raises the bar by implementing a “smart factory” with Mach2 and Baker Tilly

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Looking to have better visibility into your shop floor operation?

Implement a Mach2 manufacturing execution solution to integrate your shop floor

Automotive original equipment manufacturers are raising the bar when it comes to minimum process requirements for tier suppliers to the automotive supply chain. These suppliers face increasing pressure to provide parts more quickly, accurately and efficiently if they want to thrive as a provider to today’s automotive OEMs. To meet these demands, suppliers are quickly transitioning to “smart” shop floors as a way to maximize machine performance and efficiency.


Mach2, from Kors Engineering, is the technology solution for manufacturers seeking to improve accuracy of machine performance data, production and quality. Mach2 can help plant operations and manufacturers achieve compliance with OEMs’ minimum process requirements. Mach2 automates manufacturing processes through the programmable logic controller (PLC), which eliminates operator intervention and increases the accuracy of reports. It also brings visibility and traceability to production processes, which can significantly reduce costs and save time in the event of a product recall.

Integration with Plex

Mach2 allows manufacturing operations to quickly connect their shop floor directly into Plex to increase visibility of production bottlenecks and inefficiencies. The Mach2 tool integrates with other open architecture ERP and MES solutions, as well.

Mach2 solution benefits:

  • Real-time production scoreboards provide insight on how to maximize efficiency on the shop floor, including OEE and machine status data
  • PLC integration with shop floor machines allows data to be collected automatically rather than manually entered by an operator
  • Data collected through PLCs flows directly into Plex for long-term analysis
  • Operators can focus on producing parts rather than tedious interface with systems
  • Maintenance and upkeep is streamlined with one integrated solution versus two separate systems (1 into Plex, 1 into another MES)

Maximize automated functionality with Baker Tilly

Whether it’s a Plex implementation and Mach2 integration or Plex optimization and Mach2 integration, Baker Tilly can maximize automated functionality. We can expedite the implementation process of Mach2 and bring multiple production lines live in the system in as little as one to two days! Baker Tilly Enterprise Solutions consultants use their in-depth knowledge of Plex to ensure it is configured to maximize Mach2 functionality, utilizing automation where possible and ensuring the most efficient production flow is in place. Throughout our work with Mach2/Plex in plants across the globe, Baker Tilly has tested and validated a variety of hardware connection methods to bring machines live on Mach2. We strive to leverage existing equipment wherever possible and have designed creative solutions to prevent the need for extensive hardware installation.

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