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One of the distinguishing traits of Kors Engineering is its commitment to non-proprietary, open architecture solutions, and ability to preserve valuable legacy investments. Many deployments of equipment, software, systems, and operations have the ability to meet performance requirements, but have never met the needs due to poor practices, inexperience, or haphazard efforts.

With decades of experience and a tremendous commitment to our customers, we can resolve these deficiencies through our own expertise, along with our ability to lead our customers and their staff to productive, cost effective long term solutions. Where gaps do exist in equipment, labor, or software, Kors Engineering always finds the solution through off the shelf, self-developed, or jointly created tools. The very nature of our solutions permit longevity, flexibility, and scalability to address today’s needs, as well as years down the line. This continues to provide the customer with an independence from specific products, and elect paths according to the best in class or most cost effective solutions available.

Greater knowledge through benchmarks, history, and analysis through data mining
Greater efficiency through common infrastructures

  • Aggregation and consolidation of multiple systems through a single infrastructure and interface
  • Mobilization of data to increase efficiency and eliminate redundant efforts
  • Allow operators to quickly understand and control their systems with short learning curves
  • Applications designed directly for your needs with the flexibility and scalability to address future modifications
  • Address both in-place and future technologies and equipment
  • Provide a common backbone for interaction between related systems
  • Higher efficiencies through engineered control routines
  • Greater knowledge of systems, their functions, and status
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