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Kors Engineering Celebrates the 66th Anniversary of the first MACH2 Flight


66 Years ago, test pilot Scott Crossfield became the first to fly at twice the speed of sound – Mach2.  Today we remember our inspiration to deliver speed, elegance and the most powerful solution available.  Like the D-558-2 with it elegant outside, and incredible power inside, Mach2 delivers the most powerful solution.  Our customers use Mach2 because of the speed, simplicity, and power to address the needs of today – and build for the future.


Scott Crossfield: October 2, 1921 – April 19, 2006)


Our solute to Scott Crossfield and the D-558-2 for building the foundation of aerospace travel.


Find out how Mach2 can help you to create the foundation of your business.

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