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                   What is MACH2?

MACH2 is an integration software platform that interacts with your shop floor machines and systems to provide real-time usable, actionable information. MACH2 is a browser-based system with production dashboard and scoreboards that can be customized to your unique business needs. With MACH2, machine activity can also be automatically synced with your ERP for seamless operations throughout your business.

Control: Data Entry into your ERP

With MACH2, data entry is automated; unleashing operators from tedious data entry while improving accuracy. MACH2 captures data (24x7x365) that your current manufacturing process can’t access.

  • PLCs, Scales & Gauges, Legacy Equipment, Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners, Plant Systems, ERP/MES Systems
  • Production Cycles, Part Variances, Downtime, Scrap, Inventory and Machine Status

Control: Shop Floor Execution

MACH2 enables your operators to focus on producing products. MACH2 can automate your machine setups by calling information housed in your ERP and generate lineside labeling.

  • Automate everything: transactions, monitoring and error proofing.
  • Real-Time Production Scoreboards: Easily customized production dashboards present real-time machine data in easy-to-read results to employees on the shop floor.

Control: Your Future Through Unlimited Expansion of MACH2

MACH2 is a tool-set that enables unlimited possibilities. After a 2-day training class, Kors will “hand over the keys” allowing you to make any enhancements you desire – NO CODING REQUIRED.

  • Open architecture preserves legacy investments and evolves to incorporate next generation technology.
  • Single-server licensing model means no per user or per machine licensing fees.

MACH2: Day One Experience

Implementation is quick and easy! The below are standard items that are included and delivered on the very first day.

MACH2: It’s So Much More Than PLC Integration!

  • Automated Workcenter Setup
  • Automated Record Production*
  • Workcenter Enforcement
  • Weigh Scale Integration
  • Small Lots Packout
  • Checksheet Integration
  • Operator Clock-In
  • Scan Source Material
  • Scoreboards*
  • Verified Tooling
  • Database Integration
  • Lineside Labeling
    • Individualized Piece Labels
    • Piece Serialized Labels
    • Container Labels
  • Quality/Traceability
  • OEM Requirements (Honda MPR)
  • Master Unit Builds
  • Automated Guided Vehicle integration
  • Part/Packout/Process/station/workflow validation
  • Batch management/depletion
  • Image management
  • Serialized Pieces with Verified Packing to Standard Shipping Quantities
  • A “no programming” platform for customization and unlimited possibilities…!

Choose Experience

The engineering team behind MACH2 is fluent in the language of machines, with more than 275 years of collective experience. Today, MACH2 is at work in over 200 plants around the world, managing more than a million transactions daily and billions of transactions to date.

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